Playroom Organization

Playroom Organization

Playrooms and kids’ areas can be some of the most difficult places to organize. Every time you clean up all the toys, crafts, and mess your kids make, it seems like it’s just as bad the very next day.

If you’re tired of being perpetually disorganized, Squared Up can help!

Need To Get Your Play Room Squared Up?

Here are some playroom organization methods I like to use:


  1. Toy Storage. A great toy organization solution to your playroom is a row of cubbies! Putting cubbies against a wall is a great organizational tool for all of your kids toys and a great way to keep the clutter to a minimum. The cubbies can also double as a bench! I like cubbies with a pad on top to make a nice sitting area for your kids and their friends.  When they’re done playing, it’ll be easy for them to stow their toys away!
  2. Craft storage. Instead of throwing all the arts and crafts into a bin or a cubby, I like to easily organize them by putting them in an over-the-door shoe organizer! You can usually find these pretty cheap at any Target or Walmart, and if you hang them on the inside of a closet door, they’re invisible to the rest of the room. This also allows you to place crafts like paints up high and out of reach of your kids!
  3. Crate bookshelf. One trick I’ve learned is to flip a crate on its side and place toys in it. These may provide a different experience than cubbies because by flipping the crate on its side, your kids will be able to see which toys are in it at a glance. Depending on how organized you want your playroom to look, this may not be a method you want to keep. However, while some people want their playroom to be organized, they still want it to look fun, and this method definitely accomplishes that by showing off your kids’ favorite toys.
  4. Jars for small toys. Small toys like race cars or jewelry hanging kits might get lost in big cubbies or crates with other toys. Instead, I like to put them in clear jars and put the jars on a table or shelf. This allows the kids to not dump out bins if they are trying to find something.
  5. Wall hangers. When organizing small playrooms, there may not be a lot of floor space to work with. That’s why hanging toys off walls can be an effective way to organize. I use plant hangers or hooks to hang toys and crafts within reach of the kiddos. Command Hooks can be a great, cheap option for this too!
  6. Alphabet cubbies. For a more educational approach to organization, I sometimes label cubbies with the letters of the alphabet. If you want to take it a step further, challenge your kids to put toys in the cubby with the corresponding first letter. This method not only helps your kids learn the alphabet, but it also saves time and frustration when finding a toy because you’ll know exactly where it is!
  7. Seating that doubles as storage. I often use block chairs that have compartments within for even more storage. These are great places to store books, blankets, and toys. They are also great space savers!
  8. Wall baskets. Instead of hangers, I like to attach baskets to the wall for easy organizing. I like to designate one basket per child, or use them to hold stuffed animals, books, or other toys.