Liability Waiver

While Sarah Hotham, Founder of Squared Up LLC., has always taken every precaution when handling a client’s furnishings and accessories, and while she has never broken or damaged anything in the past, it is our policy to have every client sign a Waiver of Liability. Please read the paragraph below, fill out the address and date and sign the waiver. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

“I hereby acknowledge that I understand there may be some risks involved in the moving of furniture and accessories as part of the organizational services I have contracted Sarah Hotham, Founder of Squared Up, LLC,, to do. I hereby waive any and all monetary claims for damage or injury to myself or member of my family, my furniture and my accessories, whether owned, rented, or borrowed by me or member of my family, relatives or friends and assume all legal financial responsibility myself for such. I shall not now nor in the future make any claim against Sarah Hotham, founder of Squared Up, LLC., or any of her family, partners, or helpers for any injury to persons within my home or damage or destruction of possessions or property belonging to myself or others in and on my property beyond the value of the services performed and agreed in advance. I further warrant that I have the authority to authorize the movement of all furniture and accessories within this home.”

Client Name