Consulting Services Agreement

The parties to this agreement are as follows:

Consultant:   Sarah Hotham, Founder of Squared Up, LLC.


Consultation will consist of the following:

Evaluation of area(s) of interest  
Discuss the project at hand
Determine job requirements
Estimate of hours needed
Determine rates of project


Consultation Fee:

The consultation fee for the above services is $50. Payment is due immediately following consultation and will be credited back contingent on work agreement.

Accepted forms of payment: Cash, check, PayPal ®, and all major credit cards.


Consultant Signature   Sarah Hotham, Founder of Squared Up, LLC.
Client Signature  



Confidentiality: Sarah Hotham, Founder and CEO of Squared Up, LLC., agrees that neither she nor anyone operating on her behalf will disclose or use any confidential or personal information.