Maximizing the Storage in Your Small Bathroom

13 Jul Maximizing the Storage in Your Small Bathroom

One of the biggest challenges of living in a smaller home is the lack of storage space. Fortunately there are ways to create storage in even the most cramped rooms. A small bathroom often presents a unique challenge because of the size of the space as well as the need to work around the existing fixtures. A professional organizer can help you pare the need for bathroom storage, and create storage spaces to hold the necessities of life.

Use the Sink


If you have a pedestal sink, the lack of a cabinet can be frustrating. Never fear! The space under a pedestal sink provides plenty of room for storage. Wicker baskets, small shelves, or even plastic containers can be stacked artfully or hidden behind a screen or skirt around the base of the sink to avoid a cluttered look.

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Vertical  Bathroom Space


When floor space is at a premium, don’t neglect your wall space when considering storage. Spice racks make excellent makeup and other assorted small object holders. A shelf above the toilet provides a spot for extra rolls. A shelf mounted on the wall gives you a spot to tuck the rolled up extra towels. Don’t forget the space above the door for storing things that aren’t necessarily accessed daily, like toilet paper bought in bulk.  An over-the-toilet shelf also offers substantial storage without taking up extra floor space.

Use the Available Spaces


Getting creative with the space isn’t limited to hanging cabinets and shelves. A narrow set of drawers that slips neatly between the toilet and wall can provide a way to use that “wasted” space for storage. Over the door hangers can be used both on the backs of the bathroom door and on the inside of cabinet doors to maximize storage while minimizing clutter. By making the most of what space you have in your small bathroom, storage becomes less of a challenge.

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