Pantry Organization Tips – Charleston, SC

27 Jun Pantry Organization Tips – Charleston, SC

Cleaning and organizing your pantry can be challenging, but it pays big dividends in savings of both time and money. With organized shelves, you’ll spend less time searching for ingredients and less money replacing products that expire.

Pantry Organization: Getting StartedPantry_Organization

The first step to an organized pantry is emptying the shelves. It’s impossible to organize if you don’t know what you have for space! While you have the shelves empty, wipe everything down, so you have a clean surface to work with.

Next, sort through all your items and decide which to keep and which can be tossed or donated (if unopened.) This is where a professional organizer can be a great deal of help. It can be difficult to “waste” food, but keep in mind that it’s not wasteful to dispose of food that you’ll never use. An organizer can help you get brutal with your cleanout efforts, and help you decide to keep only the products you’ll use.

Next Steps

Once your space is clean and your products organized, you’re ready to begin putting everything away. First, consider your space. Do you have a place for your pots and pans? Consider tricks like hanging your pan lids on the door to save room on the shelves, and using risers to lift products in the back of the cupboard so it doesn’t get lost in the back of the shelf.

Get Creative

While it’s often most convenient to keep products in the packaging they came in, you may find that some products are easier to store and keep fresh if you use specially-made canisters. Staples like cereal are easy to pour into containers for convenient dispensing. Small racks on the inside of doors provide space for spices and other small containers. Consider using small plastic trays to contain items that you use together, like baking soda, powder, baking cocoa, and vanilla. When everything has a place, it’s easy to keep your shelves clean and organized.

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