Ways To Declutter Your Kid’s Rooms – Charleston, SC

07 Jun Ways To Declutter Your Kid’s Rooms – Charleston, SC

Kids’ rooms are usually Ground Zero when it comes to clutter. Kids are natural clutterers, tossing whatever toy they’ve finished with down as they move on to the next activity. Cleaning the kids’ rooms can turn into marathon sessions, ending in frustration and tears for all involved. It doesn’t have to be that way. A professional organizer can be valuable in creating the system that will declutter your kids’ rooms!

Decluttering Step #1: Reduce


The first step you take to declutter a child’s space is to identify the stuff that they truly need, use, and are attached to. Does your child truly need 100 Matchbox cars, or are there a dozen or so that are favorites, played with daily? The very first step in decluttering any room is todeclutter kids room identify the things that no longer bring joy or earn their space, and moving those to the donate or toss piles. It’s best to involve your child in this process, to build important life skills.

 Decluttering Step #2: Sort


Once you’ve reduced the toys and clothing to a reasonable number of items, matching like items together helps children keep more organized and more likely to put things away. Most importantly, store things as “sets”- for example, it makes sense to keep a baseball, bat, and mitt together, rather than tossing the ball into a jumbled tote of other sports balls. Let your child participate, to create a system that makes sense to them, and they’ll be more likely to use it.

Decluttering Step #3: Store


Finally, create a storage system that works for your child’s age and ability, and that will grow with them. Plastic bins make excellent keepers for small toys like Legos and doll clothes. Shelves and totes are great for larger toys. Consider a hammock for much-loved but rarely played with stuffed animals and dolls. Flexibility and simplicity are the keys when it comes to storage systems. While this the last step, it’s one of the most important ones if you want all the effort that was put in to declutter the room to last!

Declutter Your Kids Room – Charleston, SC


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