Easy Spring Cleaning for Kids – Charleston, SC

02 May Easy Spring Cleaning for Kids – Charleston, SC

Spring cleaning in Charleston, SC is a chance to refresh your home, clearing out both dust and the clutter that seems to accumulate over the course of a year, filling our closets and homes. It’s a chance to get rid of the things you no longer need or want. A professional organizer may make it easier, but even with help, for parents, spring cleaning offers up additional challenges.

Spring Cleaning Even Kids Can DoSpring Cleaning Charleston, SC

With some guidance, and perhaps assistance from a professional organizer the project, kids can participate in spring cleaning and actually be helpful with these five tasks:

  1. Dusting the Baseboards. Spring cleaning means airing out and wiping down the many surfaces in our homes that collect dust over the winter. Kids are at the perfect height to wipe down baseboards, windowsills, and other low surfaces. For older kids, windows can be tackled with a bottle of spray cleaner and a rag.
  2. Separating Seasonal Items. Spring cleaning often means culling the winter clothes that won’t fit next year. Even young  children can pull sweaters, coats, and winter boots out and begin putting them into totes for storage or later disposal if they’ve been outgrown.
  3. BathroomsSinks, floors, showers, and even the toilet are well within reach for a child with a spray bottle. Younger children may require assistance in spraying down surfaces before wiping, but are able to wipe down everything in reach. Consider dividing the kids into teams- have one clean the sinks and showers, and one the toilet and floors, so that no one touches more than one tool.
  4. Garage Sorting. The garage is typically a task unto itself. There is old sports equipment to be sorted and disposed of, tools to put away, and seasonal items to store. Older kids can help move the items to their designated spots and help decide which sports equipment and other items should be kept for the upcoming season and which can be let go.
  5. Closets. If there’s one thing kids are great at, it’s pulling every item out of a closet. This sometimes-annoying habit can be put to good use when it comes to spring cleaning. The best way to clear closets of clutter and unwanted items is to empty them entirely. Put the kids to work, and you’ll have the closet emptied in no time.
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