Simple House Cleaning Routine – Charleston, SC

24 Apr Simple House Cleaning Routine – Charleston, SC

A quick Google search will reveal dozens of articles on simple house cleaning routines. Unfortunately, nearly all of them assume that your house is already clean and you’re looking for tips on how to spend your scads of free time touching up already-sparkling home.House Cleaning Charleston, SC

So, What Really Works?

The truth is, if you’re searching for ways to simplify the task of cleaning your home, you’re probably already feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. There is a myriad of reasons a home gets out of control. Extra hours at work, a health crisis, or school can interfere with your ability to keep up with housekeeping tasks. Even a simple lack of knowledge can create a clutter crisis. If your house feels overwhelming, consider hiring a professional to help you give it a deep cleaning. A deep, whole-house cleaning will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the job of daily cleaning.

Start With the Basics

While you’re reveling in the satisfaction of your spotless house, it’s the right time to create a cleaning schedule that actually works for you. Consider your rooms and how you use them. This will help you make a list of tasks and decide how often they should be done. For example, if you have pets who mostly occupy your living room when they’re indoors, you’ll want to vacuum that room more frequently.

Make a List

Once you’ve made a list of what need to be done, it’s easy to come up with a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule. This can be as simple as a check list you hang on your refrigerator, or a laminated sheet you can mark with a dry-erase marker. Don’t be afraid to make changes to your schedule to fit around other activities, but do make daily and weekly cleaning a priority to keep your home feeling airy and uncluttered.

Need Help?

Squared Up can help get your cleaning schedule on track! Once your home is clean and you’re on a regular schedule, you’ll find you have more time for your interests and social life, and best of all you’ll have a spotless space in which to entertain friends. If you need more help with organization or have any questions on how to live a clutter-free life, contact me today by phone at 843-732-3335 or visit my contact page!

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