How To Do A Successful Closet Purge – Charleston, SC

28 Mar How To Do A Successful Closet Purge – Charleston, SC

A full closet purge can feel overwhelming. Cleaning out all the stuff that you’ve jammed into corners and boxes because you just didn’t know what else to do with it can feel like an insurmountable task. Cleaning out a closet is one of the most satisfying deep-cleaning jobs you can do in your home.Closet purge charleston,sc

Plan Your Closet Purge

Mark off a section of time on your calendar. Commit a full afternoon to the task, and treat it as an important date. You may need the support of a professional organizer to keep you focused. On the day of your purge, be sure to get yourself a bottle of water, a few snacks, and line up your favorite music to keep you moving and motivated.

Clear the Space

This is the easy part- completely empty your closet. All the boxes, bags, mismatched shoes, and dust bunnies must go. Empty everything. Clean, vacuum, even wipe the walls and shelves down if they’re dusty. Now your closet is ready to do the job it’s meant for- storing your organized items.

Pare the Pile

Now it’s time to get to the nitty gritty. Begin by doing a rough sort- create piles for trash, donation, “must keep” and “might keep.” Don’t over think it. The obvious trash and clothing and items that you no longer use or that don’t fit can go right away.

Next, go through the remaining two piles and really consider each item. Does it still fit your body and your life? Would you buy it if you found it in a store today? Your organizer can help you stay focused. Finally, you can begin putting away your items. This is where a professional really shines. Your helper can help you design a system that will maintain your new, clutter-free closet.

Squared Up

If you need help organizing your closets, rooms, home, or office, Squared Up is here to help. After you’re organized, you will have more time to relax, try out a new hobby, or spend more time with family and friends. Contact me today by phone at 843-732-3335 or visit my contact page to set up a consultation for your office organization!

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